Shopware 5 Installer

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Shopware 5 features a redesigned installer. If you have used the Shopware 4 installer, you will find the new version features a familiar workflow, while improving the previous experience.


The Shopware Installer will open automatically at calling your domain after unzipping the install package. If the installer won't open automatically, you can call it manually by opening

If the installer is also not available manually, check if your domain routes into the Shopware directory and you unzipped your install package correct.


In the welcome step, you can choose the language you wish to use during the installation process. On a later step, you will be able to configure the shop's language.

System requirements

The installer will automatically check your system configuration to determine if it meets all of Shopware's requirements and recommendations.

License agreement

Here you can read Shopware's license, if you want to proceed, you have to accept the agreement.

Database configuration

In this step you will be asked to provide your database's access details. You should have previously created an empty database.

Database creation

After entering the database credentials, the installer will import the database.

Shopware Edition

After the database has been successfully created, you can select which license you will be using with your Shopware installation. If unsure, use the default value.


In the last step of the installer you will be asked to configure your default shop language, currency and user account.


At this step you finished the installer and you can open the frontend or the backend and start using your shop.

First Run Wizard

After installing Shopware and you open the backend for the first time, the First Run Wizard will appear to guide you through the first configuration steps. We described the First Run Wizard in a seperate article: Shopware 5 First Run Wizard.

Shopware Advanced Features

If you own a commercial license for Shopware, you got access to the Showpare Advanced Features, what they are and where to get them we describe in an own article: Shopware Advanced Features

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